“I hope moms and daughters and sisters and besties watch this movie together and then talk about it! And then I hope they pray for me...because I’m pretty sure I’m raising a Jo.”

–Melissa Radke, vlogger, podcaster, and author of Eat Cake. Be Brave.

“LITTLE WOMEN has brought light to countless generations of girls for nearly 150 years, and that light will shine even brighter thanks to this beautiful film.”

–Tim Winter, President, Parents Television Council

“The message of LITTLE WOMEN is timely, needed and necessary.”

–Kaitlin M. DeBellis, Founder & Executive Director of Classes 4 Classes, Inc.; author of Choosing Hope; adjunct professor

"LITTLE WOMEN is a refreshing movie that will inspire you to chase your dreams. This is a very important and special movie for women and especially little girls everywhere.”

–Madeline Carroll, actress, I Can Only Imagine

“After seeing this film, I was empowered to embrace the little things that make me who I am and to ‘do all the things!’”

–Chelsea Crockett, YouTuber, author, actor

"My daughter and I absolutely loved LITTLE WOMEN! This movie was a perfect opportunity for ‘girl time’ and it was fun to connect with her over a timeless story that also has lessons about honesty, vulnerability and being a good friend. Movies are one of my simple joys – we’ll definitely see this one again!"

–Candace Payne, author of Simple Joys, and viral sensation